Hello all,

Thank you so much for another great year here at the FAA.  We appreciate each of you that share our newsletters and our updates on social media, as well as each of you that have taken opportunity to donate your time with those efforts, or your monetary donations.  We are grateful for each of you.

In the last newsletter of the year, take note about our plans for upcoming “Meet the Artist” events throughout the region.  We are still hoping to hear from more artists that may be interested in being at the events, and we are in need of some donations to make sure that happens… hoping to get a few more small business owners to sponsor the event.  If you would like to sponsor (or are an artist interested in the event) please use our contact form to send me a message.  We are hoping to have at least three of these events throughout the region, and want to make it free for the public.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe, friends. Come visit us on social media.
Until then…we’ll see you next year!

J.C. Schweingrouber,
President/Director, FAA

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