There is no better place to enjoy Halloween than Appalachia. The rich and storied history of our region lends itself to countless ghost stories, supposed haunted locations, and more legends than you can shake a stick at! Toss in the haunted ghost tours, corn mazes and general fun for both kids and adults, Halloween marks the beginning of a great holiday season.

The statue of the infamous Mothman, Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Almost everyone has heard of the mystery and horror story of the Mothman. This was immortalized in the hit movie The Mothman Prophesies back in the 1990’s, a movie that captured the horror and suspense of this creepy legend. If you are a fan of horror and
legend, then you are due a trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to visit this statue, the museum and the tour of the location where the climax of the story took place.

Another creepy location to visit, if you have the guts, is St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia. This place is considered one of the most haunted locations in the country and has been featured on countless television shows that showcase the paranormal and the macabre. You can even contact the owners for a chance at conducting your own haunted investigation!

St. Albans has a twisted history even before it became a Sanatorium. When the building was first built on the property in Radford it was an all boys school. However, many have recorded it’s history as being run in a cut throat competitive manner that led to several accounts of violence and even several suspected murders.

Today, those that visit the haunted location will find two hot spots in the building. The first is the haunted bowling alley down in the basement where paranormal investigators have claimed to have recorded the voice of a young girl reaching out for help.

The other hot spot is called the suicide bathroom. Hospital records show that several patients over the years had sought out this specific bathroom for unknown reasons.

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