Appalachian Scholarship Fund:

The Appalachian Scholarship Fund will be available for graduating high school seniors within the area of operation for the FAA. Scholarships awards will be decided by committee based on criteria set by the committee and based on available funds. If you are interested in being a part of this committee you can email your interest to us via the contact page, along with your contact information and we will respond within a reasonable time.

Please check back periodically if you are a student interested in applying for a scholarship. We will announce when funds will be available along with instructions on how to apply.

We hope to help as many local students as possible but we need your help. We need your donation to make a difference. A ten or twenty dollar donation goes a long way. Please make your tax deductible donation today by making your check payable to Appalachian Scholarship Fund and mailing it to our Richlands, VA address:

Foundation for Appalachian Advancement
P.O. Box 397
Richlands, VA 24641

Mountain Gardens:

The FAA is accepting donations for Mountain Gardens, a community garden program to help provide food to needy families and regional food banks. It is hard to believe that places in our nation face the problem of hunger, but that is a reality in some parts of Appalachia where the median household income is under $20,000 and people rely on government assistance, home gardening, and the growing need for food pantries for nutrition.

Our goal is to work with civic organizations and churches across the region to raise money and accept in kind donations to form community gardens where there is a vital need for such a service. If you are with a church or civic organization and would like to discuss this project and how best to impact your community, email us through the contact page with your contact information and we will be in touch.


Appalachian Heritage Festivals:

The FAA will be working to establish annual music festivals to include artists from all across Appalachia to promote our culture and promote the live shows and recordings of its artists. It is our vision to eventually host two of these a year in different locations to promote the countless amazing artists that we are fortunate enough to make contact with on a regular basis. Planning these events will take time, effort and funding.

We are forming a committee to begin the framework of this project and to determine how best to promote the artists that want to be involved in the long term vision of the project. If you are interested in being a part of the committee to develop this project or are a musician interested in being a part of this project email us through the contact page with your contact information.


Appalachian Writers Forum:

The FAA will be working to coordinate an annual writer’s retreat to include guest speakers and an opportunity to promote published works to the public. By building a vast network of connections with writers from around the region, collectively we can promote this event to give publicity to those that help define our culture, celebrate our way of life, and passionately write about our history here in Appalachia.

We welcome writers of all genres and will also look to form a committee to make recommendations and suggestions to our Board of Directors and Officers on how best to promote our great Appalachian writers. If you are interested in being a part of the committee to develop this program and help us make it a success, please use the contact form to let us know.


Appalachian Film Festival:

The FAA will be working on an annual Appalachian film festival to promote and celebrate the work of regional filmmakers and documentarians. Appalachia is ripe with talent and we will be seeking to hold an annual film festival to celebrate the work of Appalachian documentarians and film makes. An enormous amount of effort goes into making a film or documentary and the vision and poetry of our filmmakers, actors, and all involved in the process is a vital part of showing the world who we are as a people, and shining a light on the lives and history of those from our region.

If you would like to help us in this endeavor please touch base with us via the contact page and we can begin to form a committee to make this long term project a success.


Appalachian Pathway of Arts:

The Pathway will be a multi-year project with the goal of establishing “artistic ports” for artist of all kinds to celebrate and promote their work and our Appalachian heritage. The vision of this project is to have numerous locations in “art friendly” communities where musicians, painters, writers, storytellers, etc., can share their art stretching from New York to Mississippi. It’s a way for Appalachian artists to more easily find venues to share our particular regional culture. For example, having locations where artists from Central Appalachia can share their work in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and even New York. It would also be beneficial so artists from Alabama and Georgia could showcase in New York and Central Appalachia. This project will also require a significant number of volunteers from the artistic communities throughout Appalachia.


Thank you so much for your support!


The FAA Appreciates Your Help!

We appreciate your help to support this great region. Your donation is tax deductible and goes 100% toward FAA assistance programs and operational expenses. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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