Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace may very well be one of the most interesting and talented artists you could meet in central Appalachia. A native of Clintwood, VA, a small town tucked in the mountains of Dickenson County, his life as an artist began at the early age of 14.

We were recently invited to his house where he had an impressive display of his paintings waiting for us when we walked through his front door. His main topic is to paint about life in Appalachia and he has won awards for his work in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

“I use humor, satire, discomfort, common stereotypes and my background as a rural gospel preacher to explore the unique and sometimes dark side of my home of Central Appalachia and the South,” he says on his Facebook page. He spent some time with us as he discussed the the meaning and intent behind each painting he had on display. “My faith in God is a running theme throughout almost all of my work,” he explains.

Wallace currently resides in Jenkins, KY where he works from home on his art, while also ministering at a nearby church and teaching art classes for budding painters throught the region. You can follow Shawn on Facebook where you can find his contact information and details on setting up a public or private showing, signing up for one of his classes and for purchasing his unique work.

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