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June 2020

Hello friends, I hope that as we open back up from this pandemic that things get better for all of us.  It has certainly been one heck of an unusual year so far.  Let's hope the rest goes a bit easier. Here is the latest newsletter.  Feel free to share it.  Also, our...

March 2020

Hello all! Spring is almost here...finally.  With that we can all look forward to the many events that pop up all over our region and we hope to see and meet many of you along the way. In this edition of the newsletter we highlight an Appalachian County (Dickenson...

September 2019

Hello all! I hope everyone has had a great summer and looking forward to the autumn months and the coming holidays.  We appreciate you for following our organization and receiving our newsletter.  We hope you'll join us online at Facebook as well.  We try to keep...

June 2019

It is with sadness that we let you know of the passing of James Hibbitts, one of our original founders and a board member of this organization. His zest for life and his optimism and dedication toward our mission was something that was infectious. James will be...

March 2019

Hello all!  I hope you’re ready for spring, I certainly know most of us are ready for winter to be over.  Spring in Appalachia is an amazing time.  Festivals and family gatherings… and our beautiful mountains spring back to life after a long winter.  I hope you all have plans to enjoy the coming months.

Year End Newsletter

Thank you so much for another great year here at the FAA. We appreciate each of you that share our newsletters and our updates on social media, as well as each of you that have donated your time, or your monetary donations. We are grateful for each of you!

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