Jason Good Blues Band

Music throughout Appalachia comes in many forms and genres. The influences of our local musicians also comes in many forms such as bluegrass, soul, folk, funk and the blues. Our December Artist of the Month has many musical influences. The Jason Good Blues Band of Morgantown, West Virginia shares their style of blues with live audiences at the many festivals they play as well as live audiences at clubs and other venues all around the region.

Jason Good, guitarist and vocalist, took up the guitar at an early age. His father played bluegrass and that was an early influence on him. “I was exposed to bluegrass when I was little but when I heard Eric Clapton for the first time the blueprint of the blues took hold.” He even spent some time in Chicago studying the blues and learning his craft. After some time he gave up playing guitar and life sort of moved on. However, a couple of years ago he decided to pick up where he left off at a young age. “I needed to get back to the music and I called up some local musicians that I felt were a “dream team” of sorts and we formed the band and quickly began playing live shows.”

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