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The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement is dedicated to preserving and promoting our history, culture and heritage by supporting the arts and artists from all across the Appalachian region.

When you think of Appalachian art your first thought may be the various crafts that you see for sale at small town fairs and festivals around the region.  Maybe you think of the rich tradition of gospel music steeped in bluegrass.  Those are certainly a vital part of our culture from amazing Appalachian artists.  However, there are countless musicians and songwriters from every genre that make up our musical soul.  Novelists and poets paint a picture in our minds of what Appalachia means to us.  Painters pour their visions onto the canvas for us and sculptors remind us of our history and way of life. Actors practice their craft for our enjoyment and filmmakers of all kinds bring entertainment and enlightenment right into our homes.

There is a vibrant artistic culture throughout Appalachia and our goal is to help bring that to the public by supporting artists of all kinds with programs that will be developed to promote them across the region.

If you are an artist and would like to make us aware of your work or keep informed of our future activities in your community, email us at info@supportappalchia.org.  Please put ARTS in the subject line of your email.


Seeking Artists for Short Video!

We are seeking local artists willing to be part of a short video used to promote the arts in Appalachia!  Currently we are looking for artists of all genres in Central Appalachia (Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Northeast Tennessee).

If you are interested in being a part of this please contact us at info@supportappalachia.org or use the contact form.

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