FAA LogoThe Foundation For Appalachian Advancement (FAA) strives to promote educational opportunities, economic development, and the advancement of our culture, history and heritage through the arts.  The FAA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that takes a two-tiered approach to enhancing our Appalachian region.



First, the Foundation for Appalachian Advancement strives to provide educational opportunities and economic diversification in areas where it is needed the most.  Through the development of programs to provide funding for vocational/educational opportunities and programs designed to encourage small business development the FAA aids in economic diversification.


Our second tier focuses exclusively on Appalachian artists.  The FAA will focus on building a community of artists in order to promote their work and achievements.  The Appalachia region is home to a multitude of painters, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, actors, filmmakers and artists from many genres.  The Foundation for Appalachian Advancement believes that a vibrant artistic community is a vital part of introducing those outside of this extraordinary region to the experience and arts, heritage, history, and natural beauty that only the Appalachian region offers.


If you are a local artist in the Appalachia region and would like for us to promote your work please contact us.

Halloween In Appalachia

Fall is officially here and the holidays will be upon us before we know it! However, one thing for sure in Appalachia is that we aren’t lacking for strange myths and legends. For most of us, Halloween is a fun time of year as kids dress up and go in search of candy... read more

The FAA Needs Your Help!

We need your help to support this great region. Your donation is tax deductible and goes 100% toward FAA assistance programs and operational expenses. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Coalfield Assistance Program

The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement is raising money to promote our Coalfield Assistance Program.  The goal is to cover retraining expenses and vocational training to help the many out of work coal miners in our region.  There is not much currently available in the form of grants available for certificate programs and this is where we feel the most need.

Please contact us to pledge your monetary support and share with friends and family.  Miners have helped our local economies survive and kept the lights on for generations.  We hope to pay it forward with this program.

Thank you for your support!

Supporting Appalachia

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Every donation and gift makes a difference!  Take pride in our efforts to build stronger communities across the Appalachian region and choose whether you want to direct your donation toward educational scholarships and related programs, toward our endowment to work toward long term philanthropy in the most needy areas of our region, or toward the promotion of our culture and heritage by supporting the arts and the artists who help define who we are.

Grants and Scholarships

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The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement offers scholarships and grant opportunities to individuals that include (but are not limited to) students seeking college funding, educators and other non-profits throughout the region that work to help us in advancing our purpose and vision.

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